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  • paul whitehousepaul whitehouse
    Community Member
    hi there. my wife of less than a year is suffering from clinical depression following the death of her dad 2 weeks after we got married. she is currently undergoing treatment for her illness but this doesn't seem to be working. we have split up once due to the illness and have got back together thinking that when she is better all this will make us stronger. however after 6 months of anti depressants her condition has shown no improvement. i love my beautiful wife with all my heart and soul but i am at my wits end and am really struggling. please can anybody help? i want my wife back
  • JohnJohn
    Hi Paul

    Sorry to hear your story. I'm not sure if you are receiving any support at the moment but have you tried MIND? They may be able to provide you with the support you and your wife need. We have a listing for them in MySignpost. (link below)

    Good Luck