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Court decisions around abuse and perpetrator contact with children
  • Deneze  SinnottDeneze Sinnott
    Community Member
    I have been at court today with my daughter, who was a victim of domestic abuse, who continues to be subject of emotional abuse and control by her ex partner. She has two children, with whom he has supervised access to with his baby and has had unsupervised access to the seven year old. This has not gone well with the seven year old several times over the past year becoming upset and anxious about seeing his father. Contact was suspended last week after the child reported his father had hurt him and made him fearful. Today a judge stated he will not take into account historical abuse, nor would he continue to suspend unsupervised access to the child based on the one incident of harm reported by the child even if this was deliberate. This ruling stands until next court date in 3 months time. I am astounded by this ruling. Social care will not get involved because case is with court. Has anyone else experienced a ruling like this. No account is being taken of this child's anxieties by the judge